Surfari Puppies
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We have been breeding Portuguese Water Dogs since 2011, when our Missy (CH Rustyco Makin' the Boy's Cry, from Julie and Ty Rust at Rustyco) gave us our first litter of 12. It was an amazing litter, and produced Abbie (GCH Surfari's Restless Heart of Rustyco CGC) and Avery (GCH Surfari's Rodeo Sweetheart Rustyco), as well as Rucker (GCH Rustyco Ride 'Em Cowboy Surfari), Max (CH Rustyco Rifleman of Surfari), and Lenny (Rustyco Rawhide Runner of Surfari TKN CGC) amongst all the wonderful puppies.

Our breedings are carefully planned and limited to one or two a year, and we follow all the PWDCA guidelines on health testing, which helps give our puppies the best start. An easy way for families to check health testing is to look at Look for a CHIC certification, which ensures all required testing has been done on each dog involved in breeding. (You can find our dogs listed here.) Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home, with the family and other dogs surrounding their start in life. We use the techniques provided by Puppy Culture. Our puppy homes need to purchase and participate in Puppy Culture videos so that they may see how our puppies are raised, learn the different important developmental stages of puppies, and observe how the puppies are socialized and raised from birth.
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It is important to understand how Surfari puppies are placed. The most important consideration for the placing of our puppies is temperament and fit with the family. Puppies with a high drive or aptitude for working need homes that are prepared for this high energy. Many new puppy homes will find a better fit with a more relaxed puppy (but with a Water Dog, this is a relative evaluation!). While the sex of the puppy is often a very important consideration for new homes, characteristics such as color and markings are of less importance to us. That being said, we work closely with our families to find the best fit in every way possible.

While we do have an active breeding program and show our dogs in conformation and performance, showing your dog is not a requirement. If you would like to do things such as Rally, Obedience, Water Work, or other fun things, we would be happy to help you explore these venues. Showing your dog may be something you want to do, but if not, no worries! We tend to show only one or two dogs in each litter.
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What is the process?
You should perform your own extensive research on Portuguese Water Dogs—go over our website, find out about breed characteristics, energy level, grooming, feeding and care. Here are some links to help: PWDCA - Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. PWDCNC – Portuguese Water Dog Club of Northern California. OFA – Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (Health testing site where you may look up kennels and dogs).
Contact us! Start a dialog. It is important that we are comfortable with each other. You may call or email. [(916) 753-6447; click here for email] This may be a good time to visit to see our dogs at a local show!
Review the sample puppy contracts. Most of our expectations can be found in these documents. There are both show dog and non-show dog (pet) versions. Feel free to ask questions!
If after reviewing our website and speaking with us either in person or on the phone, you are interested in working with us and having one of our puppies, please complete our puppy application (online form). This will place you on a waiting list. If we haven't talked yet, now is the time.
If both parties agree, and once the puppies arrive, submit a (non-refundable) deposit. A deposit secures your order on our waiting list for new puppies, but it is important to realize other factors may come into play. Every puppy is different, so we try and match the puppy's personality with the new home appropriately. At this point, the deposit is only refundable if we determine there is not an appropriate (temperament, sex) puppy available to suit your family's needs.
An initial visit is required to our home to meet us and visit the puppies. The timing of this visit will vary but will generally be after the puppies are five weeks old.
A final visit to pick up your puppy.
Surfari reserves the right to require additional steps or information. We believe that the more information that is exchanged during this preliminary time, the better!
Lynn and Mike McCallum
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PWDCA Information for owners (at bit out of date)
PWDCA Health testing table (from